Sugar Smackdown


February 2013 and 2014 marked the beginning of a whole month of no sugar for me and the Farmgirlfit gals! I blogged my food journal, daily thoughts, and sugar-absent recipes I dug up/made up out of desperation. It was a good cleanse fulled by pure creativity, reading food labels, and sheer willpower (plus the accountability of a fine group of ladies and, of course, the Internet).

The rules:

  • no refined sugar (white, brown, etc.)
  • no juices, sugary creamers, sodas (diet or regular)
  • no candy, cookies, cakes, ice creams, syrups, etc.
  • limited fruits; dried fruits for the first week only
  • no honey or agave nectar
  • no alcohol
  • no refined white flour
  • limited dairy intake
  • no Stevia, Splenda, Equal, or other sugar substitutes
  • nothing with the label “sugar-free”
  • anything that has sugar ingredients in it (anything ending in -tose or -tol or cane juice)

Follow my February 2013 journey here.


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