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My Becca Bean

I am a 20-something  journalist by trade, wife and mama by choice. I grew up writing short stories, playing basketball, and wishing I had a horse of my own. Years later, my love for writing turned into a newspaper journalism career (print will never die). While I still do freelance editing and consulting, in this current season of life I am Keeper of the Home of Jarvis and full-time mama to Rebecca, our rainbow baby.

I am a huge nerd (think science fiction) and feel that no day is complete without weaving at least three pop culture references into conversation.

I started this blog in 2008 to serve as my expanded stream of consciousness. There will be posts about current events, social media, pop culture, feminism, food, and crossfit. There are also places to see my professional work in graphic design and journalism.

The bottom line: I am a Christ follower, wife, and mama who loves words, weights, and relationships. What I write here complements my journey.


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