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Giving Birth to the Immortal

How did it come to be that our obviously natural, creational, biological role as women has become an awkward disqualification from being a respectable human? A role that, if we can’t shake it off completely, we must at least have the decency to keep distant and mostly invisible? At some point, American motherhood became reduced to one of those brainless, menial jobs that no college graduate should ever have to demean themselves by accepting.

But a woman raising her children is not only shaping the next generation, she is also shaping little humans who are going to live forever. The souls she gave birth to are immortal. Immortal. And somehow, our culture looks at a woman who treats that as if it might be an important task and says, “It’s a shame she’s wasting herself. She could be doing something important — like filing paperwork for insurance claims.”

— Rebekah Merkle, Eve in Exile and the Restoration of Femininity



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