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Here we go again

I’m not sure how to begin.

Too much has happened. Things much more real than the cookie recipe in my last post, published more than 6 months ago. (Although cookies are still pretty high on my list of important things.)

I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing. I’m not sure why … maybe I’m afraid to examine what’s inside? I cringe whenever I think about journaling or (gasp) writing publicly for all the Internet to see. But … here we go again.

I have social media burnout. I’m tired of exposing my every thought to the world. I don’t have a Facebook anymore (double gasp). I rarely post to Instagram, and when I do it’s a photo of my dog. I still love Twitter, mostly because posting snarky comments is acceptable. Pinterest is still my friend (I’m sure Jerod and I would literally starve without it).

It’s taken a while, but this realization has dawned on me: Comments, reposts, retweets, regrams, likes … they mean NOTHING. And I’m tired of defining my life by how many randoms click (creep?) on super personal life updates.

With that said, though, there is something about being honest and open about what life throws your way. Situations that warrant a conversation for change and build community around a common goal. To bring truth to a dark world that’s searching for answers to things like this. And this. And this. Still want to define your life by how many people liked your photo of your lunch? There’s more important things.

Social media isn’t bad. It has its uses. But check your motivation at the login screen. Why are you posting? Why are you commenting? Why are you trolling? (OK, there’s probably never a good reason for trolling.)

Anyway, enough ranting. This is a feeble attempt at reviving the blog. Let’s see where 2015 takes it.

Side note: The Hanging Tree just started playing through my headphones. *chills* Did anyone else cry when they saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1?



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