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Stuck on Sunflower Seeds

Sugar Freedom Week 8 Day 6

A couple months ago, I noticed one of my co-workers eating shelled sunflower seeds at her desk. I tend to get snacky at work, so I decided to follow her lead and get a bag of sunflower seeds to have at my desk, too.

I can’t decide if this was the best or worst decision I’ve ever made.

I’m Amanda and I’m a Sunflower Seed Addict. Seriously. I buy them in bulk at Winco.

There’s a reason why sunflower seeds are a staple at baseball games. They’re fun to crack open and eat (plus the shell-spitting factor!), plus they give you something to chew on while you’re focused on something important. For baseball fans, it’s stats. For me, it’s getting my work done on time.

Not only are sunflower seeds fun to eat, they also have awesome health benefits (I looked it up after I realized I was hooked, just to make sure snacking on sunflower seeds was all it’s cracked up to be, nutritionally). Check these out:

  • They control cell damage, thus playing a role in preventing cancer. This is because sunflower seeds are a good source of selenium, which is a proven enemy of cancer.
  • They contain bone-healthy minerals. Besides calcium, your bones need magnesium and copper to stay strong. Sunflower seeds have both these minerals. As a bonus, they also contain Vitamin E, which helps ease arthritic pain.
  • They keep you calm. The magnesium in sunflower seeds is reputed for soothing the nerves, thus easing away stress, migraines and helping you relax.
  • They bring a glow to your skin. The star in this role: Vitamin E again, which combats UV rays and keeps skin youthful.
  • Sunflower seeds are loaded with antioxidants. They ease every condition that’s inflammatory in nature, such as joint pain, gastric ulcers, skin eruptions, and asthma.
  • Just ¼ cup of sunflower seeds a day can keep heart troubles away. These small seeds disallow “bad” cholesterol from sticking to the walls of your arteries, thus preventing heart attacks.
  • They’re sugarless! 😛


Plus, you can put sunflower seeds on/in just about anything your little heart desires. Salads? Of course. Yogurt? Sure! On sandwiches and in soups? You betcha. Be adventurous, toss some sunflower seeds to the wind, and follow where they lead! 😀

I’m definitely not curbing my seed-snacking habit anytime soon. What are your favorite healthy snack foods?

Progress Report Day 54

Pre-workout snack: Honey cookie.

Workout: 55 minutes of BodyFlow at Gold’s Gym.

Breakfast: Graham cracker blueberry pizzert.

Lunch: Fudge chocolate protein bar drizzled with almond butter. 2 cuties.

Snack: Corn Nuts (plain). Sunflower seeds.

Dinner: Shredded sweet potato with salmon and 2 eggs. Honey cookie.

Snack: Air-popped popcorn. Fudge chocolate protein bar.

Drinks: Coffee, water.



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