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Almost Farmers Market Season!

Sugar Freedom Week 8 Day 5

Farmgirlfit posted a kickin’ blog post (and a cute picture of trainer Liz!) talking more in-depth about why minimizing fruit intake is good for the body.

The post gives a good summary of why minimizing fruit intake is included in the Sugar Freedom challenge, to answer all of the doubters who have asked me, “You can’t even eat FRUIT?!”

Fresh fruits, generally, are nutritious and healthy to consume. They are a great source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, but they also contain the sugar fructose. This natural sugar is accompanied by nutrients the body needs, which is why we prefer it to, say, the sugar found in a can of soda or a donut. Too much sugar, though, no matter where it comes from, can have negative effects on your body and overall health.

Excess sugar (the amount beyond what the body needs to function) gets stored as fat. The likelihood of that happening with fructose is arguably higher than with glucose, the most common simple sugar. Glucose is sent to your muscles, brain, and other organs to be used as energy. Fructose, on the other hand, is only processed by your liver. If your liver already has ample energy, it will repackage the excess fructose as fat, storing it for later use. If you continue feeding your body more fructose than it needs, then it never gets to those fat stores, but rather, adds to them.

Click here to read the whole article and give the FGF blog some lovin’!

Local berries for sale at the Pasco Farmers Market.
Local berries for sale at the Pasco Farmers Market.

A good idea mentioned in the post is to buy fruits and veggies that are seasonally available, preferably from local sources. I’ve blogged about buying local before, but I hadn’t considered the seasonally available angle. According to FGF:

In addition to choosing lower sugar fruits, we also encourage you to purchase local, seasonally available fruit. We all favor certain fruits and vegetables – often times the ones with more sugar. Growers know that, and with modern technology many fruits are manufactured to be sweeter and larger, and to meet demand in the colder “non-growing” months. The unfortunate result is that instead of having a well-balanced diet, the contents of which rotate with the seasons, we just see those same sweeter, higher calorie fruits and vegetables year-round.

This made me pine for the Saturday farmers market in Pasco. Jerod and I (and Tibbers, too!) love browsing the market, supporting local growers and hoarding delicious fruits and veggies. The market opens in May, and it can’t come any sooner. We are so excited to go back and stock up on local produce! And locally grown mini doughnuts. Jerod loves the mini doughnut hole stand. 😛

Progress Report Day 53

Breakfast: Fudge chocolate protein bar. Leftover popcorn.

Snack: Apple slices with yogurt, almond butter, and honey dip.

Lunch: Mixed greens with salsa and cheddar cheese. Mini peppers with hummus.

Snack: Sunflower seeds. Rice crackers.

Dinner: Potato turkey soup. Pumpkin almond butter cup.

Snack: Air-popped popcorn.



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