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Berry Interesting

Sugar Freedom Week 8 Day 5

When I was reading the low glycemic foods list yesterday, I noticed a distinct absence of berries. Which prompted me to ask a really dumb question:

“Are berries considered a fruit?”

I say this is a dumb question because it should seem fairly obvious that berries are part of the fruit family. However, when I didn’t see any blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries listed on the sheet, it made me do a double take. So I questioned Google, and found this really informative article on Mark’s Daily Apple:

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, huckleberries, salmon berries, gooseberries – they’re all packed with antioxidants and vitamins. These little fiber bombs are the smartest, most nutritionally-dense fruit you can eat. Aim for a half-cup to one cup daily. Keep in mind that these fruits, especially strawberries and raspberries, are excellent on grilled meats and in salads, so go ahead and experiment! (Glycemic Index: generally low to mid-20′s)


Apparently, berries are one of the best low-glycemic fruits you can have! And Mark calls berries “fiber bombs,” which I find hilarious. You can always trust a hilarious source on the Internet, right? 🙂

I’m off to nosh on some frozen blueberries, because they’re still legal during this week’s Sugar Freedom challenge! Woohoo! 🙂

Progress Report Day 52

Breakfast: Baked omelette with chopped pepper and tomatoes, cheese, and shredded salmon.

Snack: Honey cookie.

Lunch: Fudge chocolate protein bar, apple.

Snack: Rice crackers, sunflower seeds.

Dinner: Homemade turkey potato soup (potato, sweet potato, ground turkey, carrots, spices, almond milk/water base) with cheese. Pumpkin almond butter cup.

Snack: Frozen blueberries. Air-popped popcorn.



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