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Sugarless Pumpkin Reeses Bites

Sugar Smackdown Week 6 Day 7

It’s a lot more fun tackling this sugar challenge with friends. My sugar buddy, Heather, has been an awesome accountability partner. Texting her in my moments of sugar vulnerability has made me more resistant to temptation. 🙂

My sister, Sarah, has been a great support, too. She came to visit for a couple days, and is leaving tomorrow (boo!), so we only had a limited amount of time to hang out. But we got a lot done! We took Tibbers to the park, made Irish ground turkey stew, watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (holy cow, SO GOOD), and did workouts together. She’s pretty epic. 🙂

Today, we made sugarless Reeses pumpkin peanut butter cups, one of Chocolate-Covered Katie‘s creations. There’s nothing like making and sampling a recipe that tastes so bad for you but is actually healthy. 🙂 Today was dominated by chocolate and we were OK with it.

How we think we look when eating pumpkin peanut butter chocolate bites.
How we think we look when eating pumpkin almond butter chocolate bites.
How we actually look when eating pumpkin almond butter chocolate bites.

We made the chocolate bites in my silicone ice cube maker, so they were actually square (instead of round) and gigantic, but I like to think bigger is better. Katie’s recipe calls for liquid sweetener of choice, so I used honey, and we used almond butter as our nut butter of choice. Other than that, we followed the recipe exactly, and it turned out great! Click here to get the recipe.

The inside
The outside




Progress Report Day 41


Workout: 30 minutes yoga.


Breakfast: Graham cracker pizzert (with graham cracker protein powder) with honey and plain Greek yogurt on top. Fried egg. 1/2 grapefruit.


Lunch: Mini bell peppers with hummus. CrunchMaster rice crackers. 2 pumpkin almond butter cups.


Snack: Sunflower seeds. Dried fruit and mixed nuts.


Dinner: Irish ground turkey stew. 1/2 whole wheat English muffin.

Snack: Frozen blueberries. Air-popped popcorn.










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