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Boo Artificial Flavors


Sugar Freedom Week 6, Day 1

** This week’s challenge **
Eliminate artificial sweeteners, on their own and in other products.

Ever wonder what the terms “natural flavors” or “artificial flavors” mean when they’re listed on the side of your snack bag or drink bottle? I’ll give you a hint: They aren’t real.


According to an article in Scientific American, artificial flavors are composed of chemicals mixed by a “flavorist” in a lab. Natural flavors are made using “natural” chemicals; artificial flavors are made using “synthetic” chemicals. Bottom line: Chemicals are sweetening our food and drink. Yuck.


This week, the challenge is to eliminate artificial sweeteners. This includes stuff like Splenda, xylitol, Stevia, Equal, Sweet N’ Low … anything that comes in a packet at a diner is off-limits. Additionally, any food that lists “natural” or “artificial” flavors is off-limits. Because, of course, the point of this challenge is to detox the body from its dependence on sugar in any form. And detoxing from chemicals isn’t a half-bad idea, either. 🙂


Progress Report Day 37


Breakfast: Vanilla yogurt with blueberries.


Lunch/dinner: Chicken fajita taco salad with grilled chicken, peppers, romaine lettuce, guacamole, corn tortilla chips, sour cream, and salsa.

Snacks: Snapea Crisps. Dehydrated apples, bananas and pineapple rings. Dehydrated tilapia strips. Erin’s white cheddar popcorn.











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