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The Halfway Point


Sugar Freedom Week 4 Day 7


Today marks the halfway point of the Sugar Freedom challenge! The days have seemed to go by much faster than they did last year. Probably because I’ve slowly been weaning myself off sugar instead of cold turkey. That has probably helped. 🙂


I would like to announce yet another success in abstaining from office treats today! It was a goodbye cake for one of our photographers whose last day was today. It was my favorite: German chocolate. But it’s a little easier to resist now, since I haven’t had dessert in 2 weeks. I was able to say my goodbyes without drowning my sorrows in a piece of chocolate-coconuty goodness.



PLUS, I made the outgoing photog a whole batch of (super sugary) chocolate chip peanut butter cinnamon cookies (click here if you want the recipe!) for his Last Day present, and I didn’t lick the bowl. Or the spatula. Or the mixing paddle. And to make sure they were good, I asked Jerod to be my taste-tester, INSTEAD of trying one myself!


I’d say it’s been a win-win of a day. 🙂 Halfway doesn’t look half bad!


Progress Report Day 28


Pre-workout snack: Honey cookie.


Workout: 2 circuits of the 7-Minute Workout (15:50 total).


Brunch: Chocolate blueberry pizzert (made with chocolate protein powder), topped with almond butter, plain Greek yogurt, and cinnamon.


Lunch: Sweet mini peppers with plain hummus. 2 cuties.


Snack: Dried fruit and mixed nuts. Sunflower seeds.


Dinner: Stir-fry vegetables with homemade shredded buffalo chicken. Edamame with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Piece of healthy fudge.

Snack: Frozen blueberries. Air-popped popcorn.
















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