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Day of Accidental Fail

Sugar Freedom Week 4 Day 3

So … I fell off the sugar-free bandwagon. Twice. In one day.

I know.

If I told you it was an accident, would you forgive me?

Fail No. 1: I got a Starbucks card for Valentime’s Day (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and I wanted to use it to get a protein smoothie. I get mine made with soy milk, and it’s cool and creamy and delicious and fills me up till lunchtime. SO good. Normally, I go for the fruit flavors — orange mango or strawberry — but this particular day I was feeling the chocolate vibe. So I ordered the chocolate banana smoothie.

First mistake: I looked up the ingredients AFTER I ordered, paid, and drove away. First ingredient: 6 PUMPS OF MOCHA SAUCE. I should have known better … it’s Starbucks, not Health-Conscious Drive-Thru. Silly me for thinking they would use, oh, I don’t know, chocolate-flavored protein powder.  The result: 34g of sugar. In one cup. Goodness sakes …

I hate you. But you were so delicious. (Source: Starbucks)
I hate you. But you were so delicious. (Source: Starbucks)

Fail No. 2: After my workout at noon, I headed to Cafe Rio (watch out Chipotle, you’ve got nothing on this place) for a protein-laden steak salad. The base of the salad is a WHITE FLOUR TORTILLA. And I devoured the whole stinkin’ thing.

It was so good. But it totally broke the “whole-grain only” challenge that started this week. Come to find out, Cafe Rio also serves wheat tortillas and corn tortillas, so I could have opted for one of those. I didn’t even think to ask, though. Mental note for next time: ALWAYS ask what’s going in your food. It’s your order, after all. It’s not going to hurt the employee’s feelings to customize your order.

I did opt out of the extra cheese, chips, and dressing. So that was a win, I guess. (Source: Cafe Rio)
I did opt out of the extra cheese, chips, and dressing. So that was a win, I guess. (Source: Cafe Rio)

I confessed my sins to my Sugar Buddy, and she was very gracious. She encouraged me to “forgive” myself (i.e. stop beating myself up over my thoughtless decisions) and eat extra clean next time, being mindful of what’s in my food. She’s so great. 🙂 So here’s to a new beginning, starting tomorrow!

Progress Report Day 24

Breakfast: Honey cookie. Starbucks chocolate banana protein smoothie.

Snack: Spoonful of peanut butter.

Workout: 40 minutes of crossfit at Farmgirlfit.

Lunch: Steak salad (steak, black beans, rice, mixed greens, guacamole, pico de gallo, lime juice, white flour tortilla with cheese).

Dinner: Baked potato with cheese, chili, onions, olives, grilled chicken. Fresh fruit for dessert.

Drinks: Water.



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