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Real Detox Kicks In

Sugar Freedom Week 3 Day 1

** This week’s challenge **
Eliminate desserts and candies, especially before bed. 

The first two weeks of this Sugar Freedom challenge have been relatively tame. I’ve gotten used to drinking black coffee, water, and tea, and looking the other way when Jerod uses our super-awesome SodaStream. But starting this week, I have to avoid all desserts and candy.

MAN. This is going to be difficult. Dessert is one of my biggest foes. Especially when it comes to experimenting with new homemade treat recipes and being faced with office birthday cake. But! My sugar buddy and I shall persevere. Because we’re in this together. Right, Heather? 😉

Not having any dessert today really rocked my blood sugar. I’m feeling the real detox starting to kick in … I’ve been irritable and lethargic all day. I felt this way last year, too, and it was pretty rough. Fortunately, I know the drill this time around. Let the sugar withdrawals begin! 🙂

Side note: I volunteered to make cookies for a work bake sale, and I chose these peanut butter cheesecake pudding cookies (I used white chocolate pudding instead of cheesecake since that’s all I had on hand). It took everything in me to not lick the bowl. Or the spoon. Or the mixing paddle. (I’m desperate. THEY SMELLED SO GOOD.) But for all of you who haven’t signed up for the Sugar Freedom crazy train, I’d recommend these. 🙂

100% sugar. Do not attempt if in Sugar Freedom challenge.
100% sugar. Do not attempt if in Sugar Freedom challenge. Credit: Something Swanky

Progress Report Day 15

Breakfast: Bran cereal with almond milk, 2 cuties.

Lunch: Hummus with veggie sticks, blueberry Greek yogurt.

Snack: Apple cinnamon rice cake, dried fruit and nut mix.

Dinner: Evol veggie fajita burrito with tomatillo avocado salsa, grilled carrots and cucumber slices.

Snack: Frozen blueberries, Pop Corner sea salt chips.



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