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Dried Fruit is My Vice

Sugar Freedom Week 2 Day 6

This post is brought to you by I-had-a-ton-of-things-to-do-last-night-and-no-time-to-blog. 🙂 I went to Winco after work (pro shopper tip: If you go at 11 p.m., you get the whole store to yourself and it’s SO relaxing), prepped Jerod’s and my cocoa-coffee steak  (sugarless!) for Valentine’s Day dinner, made popcorn, and started the new season of House of Cards (I won’t spoil it for you, but if you’re a fan and haven’t started season 2, DROP EVERYTHING AND GO WATCH IT NOW).

I realized I forgot to record where I get most of my sugar intake last week. After mulling it over, I realized dried fruit is my vice. Yeah, it’s still “fruit,” but it’s been preserved with bunches of sugar. Plus, I’ve been eating a couple servings a day, which probably is fueling my sugar addiction, rather than helping me detox from it. So … this is me reluctantly admitting that I need to pull back on the dried fruit intake. Maybe it’s time to invest in a food dehydrator.

Dried fruit. Nom nom nom.

Check back tonight for a recap of our sugarless Valentine’s Day dinner! The steak is marinating as we speak. 🙂

Progress Report Day 13

Workout: 40 minutes of Sadie Nardini yoga at home.

Breakfast: Cooked quinoa with chocolate protein powder, blueberries.

Lunch: Cornbread muffin, dried fruit and nut mix.

Dinner: Evol veggie fajita burrito with tomatillo avocado salsa. Super Banana Ice Cream with cocoa powder.

Snacks: Frozen blueberries, mini pretzels, air-popped popcorn.

Drinks: Coffee, water.



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3 thoughts on “Dried Fruit is My Vice

  1. I can so relate to the dried fruit addiction. Luckily we now live in Australia where a lot of fresh fruit is always available, and very cheap! The other addiction I consistently nurture is my love of vegetable crisps. Come on, they have to be healthy, right? It’s just sweet potato, parsnips and beetroot, with olive oil and salt…. 😉

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