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You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Sugar Freedom Week 2 Day 5

I am so, so thankful that we were required to pair up with a Sugar Buddy for this challenge. Even though I completed the challenge last year as part of a group, I didn’t have an individual partner. It was wicked hard not being able to commiserate with someone; to encourage and be encouraged on a daily basis.

My Sugar Buddy for this year’s challenge, Heather, has been AWEsome. We’ve texted each other during weak moments, shared successes, and laughed a lot through the challenge thus far. And believe me, when you’re detoxing from sugar, laughing is hard to do sometimes! But we’ve managed to make it work. 🙂

I’m an accountability person. If I’m not able to check in with anyone in any area of my life (food, prayer, work, time management), I tend to slip up more often and retreat into my little shell of self-sufficiency. “I can do this on my own!” But that’s not the truth. We are beings created for community, and striving to achieve goals is a lot more bearable when you have someone to share the load.

Samwise knows what's up.
Samwise knows what’s up.




Question: Who do you love tackling challenges with? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


Progress Report Day 12


Breakfast: Bran cereal with almond milk, blueberries. Apple cinnamon rice cake with almond butter, crushed almonds, dried mango, dried coconut.


Snack: Apple, 2 cuties, chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips.


Lunch: Chicken breast, lima bean/green bean/pinto bean medley.


Snack: Dried fruit and nut mix, Corn Nuts.


Dinner: Steamed carrots and broccoli, cooked onions and grape tomatoes, drizzled with red wine vinaigrette. Pita bread.

Snack: Frozen blueberries.













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