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Chocolate Steak for Dinner

Sugar Freedom Week 2 Day 4

I was proofreading the Food section for the paper today (Valentine’s Day-themed!), and the main article was a recipe for chocolate flank steak. It made my mouth water just reading the description. And the kicker for was that it’s completely sugarless!

Since I have been constantly on the lookout for chocolate alternatives, this was a shiny beacon of hope. I can have chocolate for DINNER? Sold. Hook me up.

However, since the article hasn’t been published yet, I found an alternative recipe on Tasty Kitchen that also includes a recipe for pineapple salsa on the side. Even though I’m working on Valentine’s Day, I’m pretty sure this will be on the menu anyway. 🙂 Click here to get the recipe!

Courtesy Tasty Kitchen
Photo credit: Tasty Kitchen

Progress Report Day 11

Pre-workout snack: Sunrise Omega-3 granola bar.

Workout: 60 minutes of BodyFlow (yoga/pilates/tai chi) at Gold’s Gym.

Breakfast: Cooked quinoa, chocolate protein powder, spoonful of plain Greek yogurt, blueberries.

Lunch: Hummus, Nut Thins, apple.

Snack: Dried fruit and nut mix, veggie sticks.

Dinner: Leftover Indian food (basmati rice, yogurt sauce with cucumber and onion, pita bread, lentil vegetable soup), chicken.

Snack: Healthy fudge, blueberries.



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