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Eat Local!

Sugar Freedom Week 2 Day 3

Supporting small, local businesses, especially ones in the food industry, has specifically been a passion of mine for about 3 years. It means so much more to see the faces of the people behind a business, and knowing they’re the ones who make the magic, not some suit in a corporate office somewhere. Plus, I’m a little bit of a foodie (not a snobby one, though, I’ll eat pretty much anywhere), so trying new places is my idea of an adventure.

On the recommendation of my co-worker, Jerod and I ordered Indian takeout from a local place called Masala tonight. Jerod is more of a basic eater, while I enjoy more diverse food, so we’ve never ordered Indian food as a couple. But I guess Jerod was feeling the adventure vibe tonight, too. 🙂

The food. OH, the food. It was incredible. I got the Lamb Karai, which is tender pieces of mutton in sauce with onions and bell peppers. It came with a side of rice, a bunch of sauces (including yogurt sauce with cucumber and onions, mm …), and pita bread. I highly recommend this place, at least for takeout. Next time we go, I want to try its lunch buffet. 🙂

Lamb Karai with rice

Eating local isn’t just incredibly delicious, more often than not. It also supports the local community and encourages the people behind the scenes. Wherever I’m at, it’s a lot of fun knowing you’re getting a good meal and supporting ingenious entrepreneurs. Plus, the chances are higher that locally owned restaurants are implementing local produce and products, instead of using mystery meat from a hose. Just saying. 😛

Progress Report Day 10

Workout: 30 min. of Cxworx (abs and core) at Gold’s Gym.

Breakfast: Bran cereal, almond milk, blueberries.

Snack: Broccoli, hummus.

Lunch: Chocolate protein powder, cooked quinoa. 1/2 grapefruit.

Snack: Baked apple with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, sprinkled with pumpkin flax granola. 1 piece healthy fudge.

Dinner: Lamb Karai, basmati rice, yogurt sauce with cucumber and onion, pita bread, lentil vegetable soup, gulab jamun (donut ball in sugar syrup … bad me).

Snack: dried fruit and nuts, air-popped popcorn.



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