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Respect Your Trainers

Sugar Freedom Week 1 Day 7

My Friday mornings have turned into Ab Day. I’ve been going to a 30-minute core training class at Gold’s Gym the past few months, and while it’s no Farmgirlfit, it’s helped me stay in a consistent workout routine. I enjoy the trainer, Lorraine, who leads the class (she has an awesome Scottish accent, so it feels like the entire class is being taught by Merida from Brave). She’s very knowledgeable and upbeat, which I appreciate during the harder parts of the workout (planks, anyone?).

However, a really frustrating trend I’ve noticed is that people who attend the class don’t seem to respect Lorraine’s time. Some people will peace out 5 minutes before the class is over, rolling up their mats and putting their equipment away while she’s still instructing.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems pretty disrespectful to walk out on a trainer who is taking the time to teach you. It just looks very … self-absorbed. I know if I were the trainer, and I saw people leaving my class while I was demonstrating the workout, I’d be pretty discouraged.

Question: Any trainers out there who have an opinion on this? Am I overreacting in your defense, or is this something you’ve come to expect from people? Tell me your thoughts!

Just do it.

Either way, from my perspective, the bottom line is RESPECT YOUR TRAINERS. They do their best to start and end your workouts on time (and make them fun and engaging); the least you can do is respect their time and effort and stay for the duration of their teaching. Don’t be a wimp. Or a jerk.

*steps off soapbox*

Progress Report Day 7

Pre-workout snack: Banana.

Workout: 30 minutes of CxWorx at Gold’s Gym.

Breakfast: Sweet potato hash, 2 eggs.

Lunch: Healthy Apple Crisp Yogurt Parfait (gala apple, Greek yogurt with cinnamon and vanilla extract, pumpkin flax granola, crushed almonds, dried mango bits, dried coconut bits).

Snack: Veggie sticks, saltine crackers, apple cinnamon rice cake.

Dinner: Chopped salad with spinach, cucumber, grape tomatoes, broccoli, hummus; 2 quinoa pizza bites.

Snack: Pirate’s Booty White Cheddar Puffs, dried fruit and nuts.

Late-night snack: Bran cereal with almond milk.

Drinks: Coffee, water, sparkling berry water, magnesium tea.



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