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Sugar Freedom 2014: Week 1, Day 1

On this day last February, I chronicled my journey through 28 days of sugarless living. I successfully made it through the experience alive, and this year, Farmgirlfit is reissuing the challenge.

But this year, it’s bigger. Instead of 4 weeks, we’re doing 8 weeks of Sugar Freedom.

Oh yes, we are. (Cut out sugar? Are you crazy? You tell me after you read this.)

Commitment board at Farmgirlfit

The rules have been revamped this year, though. Instead of cutting out sugar cold-cookie (cold-turkey, cold-cookie … bad joke, moving on), we’ll be progressively trimming certain food and drink out of our diets each week. Farmgirlfit has outlined the full challenge on its blog (check it out!), but here’s the breakdown of each week:

Sugar Freedom Schedule

Three things I will commit to during the Sugar Freedom challenge:

Keep a food journal. I will be posting my food and drink intake daily here on the blog, plus any interesting recipes or sugar-free tips I come up across. I got a lot of positive feedback last year, so if there’s anything you guys would like me to write about/bake/cook/experiment with, leave your suggestions in the comments!

Stay accountable. My Sugar Sweetie, Heather, and I will be accountability partners during the challenge. We’ll encourage each other to stay the course, go over food journals together, and (hopefully!) do workouts together at the gym. Challenges are always more fun when you have a buddy, right?

Work out 3 times a week. Changing your diet doesn’t do much if you’re not sweating a little, too. Each week, I’ll do a Grind at Farmgirlfit, some form of yoga, and a core workout at Gold’s Gym. I’ll record my workouts as part of my food journal.

According to the schedule, I don’t actually have to cut any sugar out this week. I just have to log everything I eat and drink, and observe how much sugar I consume on a daily basis. So let’s get to it! Here’s my food journal for Saturday, Feb. 1.

Day 1 Progress Report

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, sliced banana on top, almond milk.

Snack: dried fruit and nut mix.

Lunch: Salmon salad (shredded salmon mixed with Greek yogurt and Thousand Island yogurt dressing), pretzels.

Snack: Veggie sticks, sunflower seeds.

Dinner: Chicken bacon artichoke pizza, spinach salad with grape tomatoes and Thousand Island yogurt dressing, grapefruit.

Snack: Air-popped popcorn.

Drinks: Water, coffee.



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