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The Jarvis Journal, Vol. 4

I was trying to think of a theme I could wrap our 2013 Christmas letter around, and the one that has seemed to tie this year together has been change. New things. Unexpected, beautiful, scary, joyous. Events and people, things and places. Topsy-turvy might be a good descriptor for the roller coaster Jerod and I have ridden this year, and we wanted to share a few of the highlights with you.

Jerod & Amanda

New job. I took a job in Tri-Cities as a copy editor for the Tri-City Herald in June. I documented this change in the Jarvis Journal, Vol. 3. I’m coming up on 6 months there, and I’m really enjoying my time. My co-workers and bosses have been great to get to know, and I’m fulfilling the professional role God has called me to: Fixing other people’s mistakes before sending the paper to press. 🙂

New website. Jerod has been getting a new website ready to launch, Bin and Box, as an online division of the company he works for, Norlift Inc. It will sell bins, boxes, and other supplies for warehouse and personal organization. The site isn’t quite live yet, but check the link in a few weeks to see what he’s been working on!

New home. Our apartment in Richland has slowly transitioned from a house to a home, especially with the Christmas season upon us. We put up our tree last weekend, plus 3 stockings: one for me, one for Jerod, and one for our …

Oh Christmas Tree

New dog! Tibbers is a chihuahua-wiener dog mix that we adopted in September. She’s 6 months old now, full of energy, and crazy smart. She’s been an awesome addition to our home, and enjoys road-tripping to Spokane with us on the weekends.


New church. We found a church home in August at Columbia Community Church. Attending C3 has been the best decision we’ve made since moving to the Tri-Cities. We’ve been so welcomed and loved on by the people in our small group, and Jerod made the decision to be baptized there in November. Being surrounded by a group of believers, on the same journey of imperfect progress as we are, has been really encouraging.

New activities. Jerod has been pursuing gaming at a more serious level since June, playing League of Legends most nights while I’m at work. He has a live video stream that broadcasts his games and where he cracks many a joke. Watch him at and follow his live tweets. I’m still involved in crossfit at Farmgirlfit, and recently completed my first unassisted pullup! Only took me 2 years to get that down. 🙂 I’m also considering joining the Atomic City Rollergirls next month to try my hand (feet?) at roller derby. For anyone who’s seen me play basketball, it’s pretty much the same level of aggression, just on skates. 🙂


We are very thankful for the year that has been and the year that is to come. We hope and pray your Christmas season is filled with joy, love, and peace. We love you all!

Jerod & Amanda



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2 thoughts on “The Jarvis Journal, Vol. 4

  1. Dearest Amanda: I miss you too!! Glad you are both settling in there. I love reading your tidbits and what you folks have been up to. The dog is very sweet. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I will look forward to reading more of your escapades!! Stop by Berean or give me a call and maybe we could have coffee some time when you are around.

    Love, Char.

    Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 21:26:25 +0000 To:

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