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{Project Recipe} Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

This post is part of the Cookbook May series. The Internet was not consulted during the making of these cookies. 

Jerod is a cookie purist. Especially when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. When I told him I was going to make this recipe, he asked, “Are you going to health-ify them?” (Hint: He’s not a huge fan of health-ifying. However, he’s a good sport whenever I make something new.)

For his sake, I chose not to deviate from the recipe, which I found in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookbook. The only thing I left out (per Jerod’s request) was the dried fruit. Like I said, he’s particular.

The redeeming (read: somewhat semi-healthy) quality of the recipe was the rolled oats. But let me tell you, making a recipe by the book, without deviations, felt pretty darn good. And the cookies turned out great. They were chewy and soft, and were about as good-looking as the ones in the cookbook.

This recipe is definitely a keeper. Next time, I might make a half batch and use whole wheat flour, substitute honey for brown sugar, and add walnuts and dried cherries. You know, to “health-ify” it a little bit. But right now, I got Jerod’s stamp of approval, so I’m satisfied. 🙂

In other news, May the Fourth be with you! How did you celebrate your Star Wars geekdom?

Good Housekeeping’s version
My version











Click this image, then right-click and save to download and save the recipe.




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