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{Project Recipe} Sweet Potato Goodness

Without a doubt, my mom makes the BEST sweet potato casserole. It was the highlight of every Thanksgiving: mashed golden goodness, loaded with brown sugar and butter, and topped with caramel-colored mini marshmallows. Our family of 7 would demolish a 9×13″ baking dish of the dessert side dish every year and have no regrets.

Even if I tried to recreate my mom’s recipe, I know it would never measure up. My mom is a master (mistress?) of the kitchen, but since I’m an adult, I have to cook/bake for myself. So I have to make do with my own meager skills. That’s where Pinterest comes in. Oh my goodness, this website is the secret to most of my cooking/baking successes. It’s the reason for a few epic kitchen failures, too, but I choose to ignore those. 🙂

I recently bought a 10-pound bag of sweet potatoes from Costco, after realizing how versatile they are outside the realm of Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes have a bunch of health benefits, and they don’t have to be loaded with marshmallows and butter to taste awesome (although if those are your toppings of choice, I won’t judge).

I did a simple search on Pinterest and found thousands of sweet potato recipes. People are seriously creative! I haven’t had a chance to try all of these yet, but I can vouch for sweet potato shepherd’s pie and sweet potato & black bean enchiladas. Check these recipes out, make a couple, and let me know how they turned out! I’ll just be here, working my way through 10 pounds of tuber goodness.

Sweet Potato Grits (Deep South Magazine). Yummy breakfast courtesy of the South.

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs (Jo Cooks). Sugar-free, and leave out sausage for vegetarian version.

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas (NatureBox). I added chicken when I made this and it fit perfectly.

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie (SkinnyTaste). Leave out the Worcestershire sauce and substitute water for chicken broth for sugar-free option.

Baked Sweet Potato Tots (Little Leopard Book). Gluten- and sugar-free!

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Bars (Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice). Try substituting honey for sugar.

Bourbon Sweet Potato Cupcakes (Bakerella). Cupcakes for adults!



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