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Get Fit Gamer

My hobby (recently turned mild obsession, with the addition of 5:30 a.m. workouts) during the past year and a half has been crossfit at Farmgirlfit. It’s become a regular part of my routine, which is very encouraging, considering I never thought I’d run a sub-10 minute mile after high school (ran a 7:45 on Thursday, what’s UP!).

A more recent hobby I’ve picked up, however, is decidedly less athletic. Jerod is a PC gamer at heart, and is pretty heavily invested in League of Legends. E-sports have picked up a lot of steam here in the states, after being a major deal overseas for the last few years. A couple months ago, Jerod started teaching me to play LOL. It was slow going at first; the learning curve is pretty steep, but I’ve really enjoyed sharing his hobby and making it one of my own.

There are a lot of pros to computer gaming: teamwork, coordination, strategy. Plus potential fame and fortune if you get really good at it. However, one of the major cons is the lack of cardio. Like, no athleticism required. I could choose to not let this bother me, but as an active crossfitter, sitting still for long periods of time makes me feel antsy and lethargic. Yuck.

One of LOL’s pro gamers, Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis, who plays for Evil Geniuses, seemed to feel the same way. He recently initiated the Get Fit with Snoopeh challenge, in which spectators do push-ups, sit-ups, or pull-ups for every kill or assist he achieves in-game. Snoopeh follows his own rules: He pumps out push-ups or pull-ups after every match, too, in addition to going to to the gym every day.

I absolutely love this. I might have to start putting up videos on YouTube and join the craze.

P.S. My summoner name is ManderPanderz. Jerod’s summoner name is Hideous Z.



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