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My Wish: The Rascal Flatts Experience

~ An unofficial Super Brief Friday post ~ 

This story wouldn’t be possible without the best bosses in the whole world, Adrienne and Josh. It had come up in conversation a while ago that I’d never seen Rascal Flatts in concert. I’ve been a Rascal Flatts fan since I was 14 years old, so seeing them live was a wish that was reaching maturity. Even though I’ve had plenty of opportunities to go, I’ve never been able to afford a ticket. So in lieu of seeing Jay, Gary, and Joe Don in person, I’ve had to be content buying their records and wearing them out in my car’s CD player.

However, that all changed on Wednesday. Groupon was running a deal for half-price tickets for Rascal Flatts’ Changed tour, and after conspiring with Jerod, Adrienne and Josh surprised me with two tickets to the show! They dubbed it an early birthday present (my birthday is in March, which is close enough, IMO), and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I played RF’s new record on repeat all day yesterday (I’m pretty sure my nanny kiddos know it as well as I do by now) and showed up to the Spokane Arena wearing the country-est thing I had in my closet: my Farmgirlfit workout tank top (represent!).

Jerod will tell you that he’s “not a huge fan of country.” However, I’m here to tell you that he knew the words to a bunch of the songs and even CLAPPED (He isn’t usually a clapper. Victory in the little things. :)) We had a blast, and our friends Tobin and Rachel were able to come with us, too! Concerts are so much fun with friends.

Kristen Kelly and The Band Perry took the stage first and did a fantastic job. I’ve loved TBP since I downloaded their single “If I Die Young” as iTunes’ free song of the week. They are a solid country rock band who put their already awesome recordings to shame when they sing live. So, so much better. They performed their new single, “Better Dig Two,” and and a couple new songs from their new record, dropping April 2.

I’m not going to lie, I almost started crying when Rascal Flatts opened with their radio single “Banjo.” It’s one thing to listen to and love a band through its CDs. But when you see them in person, and hear how fantastic they sound live, and realize that it’s not you alone in your car rocking out anymore, it’s a whole different experience. Their songs — and TBP’s songs, for that matter — have meant an awful lot to me over the years, so it didn’t matter that I was in the nosebleed seats on the left side of the stage. They might as well have been singing to me.

Rascal Flatts puts on a heck of a show. They don’t take themselves seriously at all, and know how to turn a massive crowd into a huge group of friends. I don’t think I stopped singing or dancing like a fool once. They played most of my favorite songs, including “Stand,” “Sara Beth,” “My Wish,” “Here’s to You,” and “God Blessed the Broken Road.” They also did “Life is a Highway,” which I promptly dubbed Malachi’s song because he loves Cars so much. 🙂

I don’t care what anyone says, country music rocks.

RF gave four encores before calling it quits for the night, around 11:15 p.m. I can officially die happy, now that I’ve seen my all-time favorite country band in concert. My expectations were already high going into the concert, but TBP and RF blew those through the roof. Not to sound like a fangirl (too late, right), but it was an incredible experience I won’t forget. What is just another concert to someone else was a huge blessing to me. Thank you so much, Josh and Adrienne, for fulfilling my wish! 🙂



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