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Super Brief Friday: Miracles

Miracle No. 1: I’m posting. Finally. After x amount of weeks of ridiculousness where I was too uncreative/busy to update this blog with my remarkably uncreative thoughts. You know it’s time to put up another post when your WordPress dashboard informs you that your “most active post this week” got 2 views. Two. *le sigh*

Miracle No. 2: This isn’t actually a sarcastic post. It’s just way too early in the morning and I needed to get that out of my system. 🙂 Also, spoiler alert: This post isn’t going to be brief. But it’s going to be worth how long it is (hopefully).

Miracle No. 3: This post is actually about a miracle. A Christmas miracle, to be more specific. I know it’s only November (30th, but still), but something cool and Christmas-y has already happened to Jerod and me that needed to be shared.

I don’t really feel completely tuned in to the whole “newlywed” thing. Other couples I know that got married this year are doing the “First Christmas tree! First bedroom decoration! First (insert normal thing that’s special because you’re doing it as a married couple for the first time here)!” and I’m over here going, “Um … we’ve been married 5 months yay?” For example, Jerod and I weren’t going to get a Christmas tree this year. Real or fake, they’re just too darn expensive. Romantic? Nope. Realistic? That’s me. (Or as Jerod would say, pessimistic.) Our plan this year was to wait after the holidays, buy a fake tree for super cheap, and do the “First Christmas tree YAYZ!” thing next year.

HOWever, that wasn’t good enough for some people. And when I say some people, I mean one of my best friends. I’d told her we were going tree-less because of money, and she was like “NOPE” decided to ask some people at our church to donate an artificial tree, tree skirt, tree stand, a tree topper, ornaments, AND lights. She called me to tell me on Monday and I almost started crying. Turns out something as little as having a tree for Christmas meant an awful lot to me and I hadn’t realized it until then. So I’m really glad that our not having a tree wasn’t good enough for her. 🙂

We spent a night making more ornaments out of circuit board parts (because we’re THOSE people, and by the way, the ornaments are fantastic), and then she came over yesterday to help me put up and decorate the tree. Jerod didn’t know anything about the tree, so I turned off all the lights, lit up the tree, and surprised him when he came home from work. He loved it. So I guess we got our “OMG Christmas tree!” moment, after all.

Thanks so, so much to the families at Berean who cared enough about us to pass down some Christmas cheer to Jerod and me. We’ve been so blessed by you all and it’s not even December yet.



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