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Super Brief Friday: Spread Thin

It always sneaks up on me, but whenever I try to simplify my life, I end up doing way more than I was expecting. For example, Jerod and I decided that for our first year of marriage, we would stick to two ministries: worship team and leading our church’s college group.

However, 5 months into our marriage, I’m involved in worship team, college group, a weekly women’s Bible study, editing and redesigning the workbook for said Bible study, coaching an Upward basketball team, and co-planning the church’s Christmas Eve service. And that doesn’t even include my full-time nanny job, working out, keeping up relationships with friends and family, making dinner every night, and (nerd alert) hosting our Dungeons & Dragons group on Saturdays.

This isn’t a complaint at all. I absolutely love all these things. I enjoy the busy-ness and I always have (my Liberty friends know exactly what I mean). But being busy doesn’t come without consequences: headaches, tense muscles, all-around stress, loss of facial muscle control (I can only smile so much). 🙂 The term spread thin comes to mind. Am I preaching to the choir or can I get an amen?

Take some time this weekend to sit back and breathe. Preferably next to a window with a cup of tea and a book. I know that’s exactly where I’ll be.



Christ follower. Wife. Mama.

One thought on “Super Brief Friday: Spread Thin

  1. AMEN! I know exactly what you mean. I thought I was coming to Korea to work less…when in fact i’m working WAY more! Haha, funny how that happens. I’m sure you’re great at everything though. I think God makes select people to crave being involved. It inspires the rest of the population!

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