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Super Brief Friday: Pleasant Surprises

(Spoiler: This is actually a Super LONG Friday post. I know, I keep using the word “brief” … I do not think it means what I think it means.)

Some pleasant surprises have caught me off guard recently. As someone who doesn’t like (sudden) change, even good things tend to throw me for a loop, so I’ve surprised myself with how I’ve taken these blessings in stride. Pretty cool.

Blessing No. 1: The surprise element in this blessing is that I didn’t actually think I would do this, but I ended up doing it before I could change my mind. I signed up for a crossfit competition in January. The WOD Warrior is a professional competition for novice and intermediate crossfitters. I’m definitely a novice, since I’ve only been doing crossfit for a year, but I exceed all the qualifications for that group, so I feel pretty confident. This will be my first crossfit competition, so I guess I’ll set a personal record no matter what, right? 🙂

Blessing No. 2: I’ve really, really missed copy editing. My job at the consolidated editing desk in Virginia was my dream job (nerd alert), so when I moved back to Spokane to get married last year, it was really hard getting used to not having control over page design or … anything, really. Anything related to newspapers, anyway. However, last week I volunteered to completely edit and remaster a Bible study workbook I’ve been working through with my church’s women’s ministry. The author, Morna Gilbert, is a local Spokane speaker and Bible study teacher, and she graciously allowed me to take a stab at reworking her materials. She’s been a blast to work with so far, and I’ve really enjoyed freelancing my copy editing skills!

Enjoy the fall weather this weekend! Mutilate a pumpkin or something to celebrate. 🙂



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