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Super Brief Saturday: Restless

Even when I have a billion things on my to-do list, sometimes I get spontaneously restless and want nothing more than to do something crazy and new. Today I want to drop everything and go to a Mexican beach and swim in the sunshine.

I feel like running away a lot … not because my life is bad, but because I want to experience something different. No guarantees, no fallback, just enough money to stay alive … what would that truly feel like?

That feeling tends to fade if I focus on something else and/or remind myself of the responsibilities I have. But a tiny part of my mind doesn’t want that feeling to fade … I desire to be content, but I don’t want to stifle my desire for adventure. 

Does anyone else feel this way? What’s a constructive way to fulfill this adventurous desire without being totally irresponsible? Sound off below!

(Featured image by Dan Perez Films)



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