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Super Brief Friday: New Slam Poetry

Whenever my mind is filled to the brim, the thoughts that spill over get turned into slam poetry. Writing out my thoughts in a stream-of-consciousness format is very helpful when I’m trying to sort through emotions, thoughts or ideas. Consequently, this style of writing tends to read a bit raw and unfiltered. I love that quality of slam poetry: The process of working through something isn’t always pretty, but when you get to the end, you see the beauty you were struggling for.

With that slightly emo intro, here’s my latest piece of slam poetry. Happy Friday!

Hurt & IRL

The past is past
The future is hidden
So why am I sitting here
Wishing for one and hating the other?
I dwell on yesterday too much
Hate things that hurt me previously
Drive people away from me
Because they don’t deserve a second chance
In my mind
But I want second chances
When I stumble and fall
Shouldn’t they get one too?
I wish I could live in the present
Forgive and forget
Let things roll off my back
Like water off duck feathers
And continue to enjoy life
Don’t be impressed by false fame
The Internet doesn’t give you worth
Go out into the real world
And don’t rest your hat on past accomplishments
You aren’t defined by a single event
Or a few likes and comments
Don’t look back
Don’t count on tomorrow
It’s today’s attitude that counts
In the real world
And helps define
The future
The rest of your life.


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