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Super Brief Friday: {Project Recipe} Round-Up

What? Combining two weekly blog posts into one?? What is this madness?!

*cough* Anyway.

I’ve tried out a quite a few recipes this week (all with success!) and instead of writing a blog post for each of them, I decided to do a recipe round-up. Mostly for the alliteration, but also as a reference point for you!

Better Than Kit-Kat Bars (recipe and photo source: Kathie Cooks)

The original name for these melt-in-your-mouth bars from heaven is Caramel Crunch Bars, but I like writing headlines so I made up my own name. The delectable secret ingredient is Club crackers. Go with the Keebler brand and you won’t be disappointed.

Crock Pot Spaghetti Casserole (source: Reservations Not Required)

This turns into more of a spaghetti bake and includes a TON of cheese. I didn’t have any ground beef on hand, so I made a vegetarian version instead. Coat the bottom of the Crock Pot with spaghetti sauce so the noodles don’t get burned and top with minced onions.

Maple Bacon Beer Cupcakes (source: Peaceful Cooking)

I’m making these for my law brother’s birthday (Jordan, if you’re reading this, surprise!), and the recipe is super simple. Plus it calls for candied bacon as a garnish. CANDIED. BACON. I. KNOW. The recipe called for any kind of beer, so I used Stone Smoked Porter. For the icing, I whipped up a maple cream cheese frosting from Martha Stewart.

Happy Friday, and make something delicious this weekend!



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