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{Project Recipe} Rocky Road Bark

This weekend, I wanted to make a snack for our college Sunday School class, and since chocolate is always a go-to option, I decided to make rocky road bark. I found the recipe on Pinterest, courtesy of Bakers Royale, and it’s super simple. Fast and easy make the best snacks, I say.

There aren’t really measurements for this recipe. If you like chocolate to be the dominant flavor, use more chocolate. Same for the nuts and marshmallows. It’s an easy recipe to modify and it will turn out great no matter what. And people will think you’re a baking genius. Win-win!

Rocky Road Bark


Melting chocolate (dark chocolate is better for you and has more antioxidants, but if you prefer milk chocolate that will work just as well)

Marshmallows (mini ones work the best for smoother bark, but if you’re craving chunkier bark use large marshmallows cut into fourths)

Your favorite kind of nut (Bakers Royale used salted almonds; I used walnuts)


Line a baking pan with parchment or wax paper. Make sure there is overhang on all sides.

Melt the chocolate in a large microwave-safe bowl in 1-minute increments until completely melted. Stir in between each minute.

Stir in nuts and marshmallows. For a smoother bark, finely chop nuts and marshmallows. For chunkier bark, coarsely chop. Make sure there is enough chocolate to completely coat marshmallows and nuts.

Spread mixture evenly in lined pan. Sprinkle finely chopped nuts on top for garnish.

Put in the freezer until solid (about an hour). Split with a fork and serve!

Save any extra bark (if there is any, ha!) in the freezer.

~ ~ ~

If your sweet tooth is craving more after munching on this bark, check out my Delicious Candy Pinterest board!



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