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Super Brief Friday: Vote for Farmgirlfit!

KREM2, one of Spokane’s news stations, is running a “Best of Spokane 2012” competition for businesses in the area. This contest brings a lot of attention to local businesses that have earned it, and you get a chance to help the ones you like by voting! It’s really easy to register: Just connect to your Facebook or Twitter account and you’re ready to vote.

The business you should vote for above all others is my gym, Farmgirlfit. I’ve written about it a few times here on the blog, and they deserve to be #1 in the city! Right now they are in first place, but only by 0.1%. The YMCA is hot on its heels in second place. Farmgirlfit is locally owned and operated and has exploded since its opening almost a year ago. Let’s help it secure first place for good! Voting closes Sept. 7, so go here to vote!

Right now.


Happy Friday!



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