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Super Brief Friday: Comic Sans

Fonts are one of my most favorite things in life. Each one has a personality, a voice, and a purpose. I guess you could call me a typography snob (although snob kind of sounds like doorknob, so it’s not really an endearing term …), but I can’t help it! I love words and I love how they are presented.

One of my Liberty regrets is that I never took Mr. Edmond’s typography class, in which one of the projects was to design a new font from scratch. However, since I missed that chance, I like to browse and look at other people’s typographic creations.

One font I absolutely cannot stand, however, is Comic Sans. It is the designer’s nightmare. I never could put into words why I hated this font so much, but then my friend Laura sent me a link from Comic Sans Criminal, a website that stands against anything Comic Sans. It even has you sign a pledge at the end saying you will refrain from using Comic Sans except when appropriate (read: only for children who don’t know better)! Nerd-tastic.

Happy Friday!



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