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{Project Recipe} Buttered Rum

I am slightly obsessed (understatement) with Pinterest. Among other things, it’s notorious for harboring fantastic recipes. I don’t think I’ll ever need a cookbook as long as I have Pinterest. But, on Friday, Jerod brought a interesting concern to mind: What if Pinterest blows up and disappears from the Internet? How will I feed him and our future children?

“You find so many great recipes,” he said. “You should post your findings on your blog, so you have a record of them if Pinterest ever blows up.” (This was a real conversation, and one of the many reasons why I love him.)

I thought that was a fantastic idea. So I’ll be posting recipes here now and then that we’ve tested and approved to be blog-worthy. I’d like to say in advance that none of the recipes will be my own creations, but I will always include a link to the original source to give credit. They deserve recognition, I’m just the messenger!

Buttered Rum

I wish I’d found this recipe earlier in the winter, because it warmed me right up! Jerod and I were introduced to buttered rum at the Rock City Grill, where they use their own “secret recipe.” I didn’t even bother asking what it was, because I was able to find this one by Martie Knows Parties! We cut the recipe in half when we made it and we still have a TON of mix left over.

Cream together: 

1 pound unsalted butter -softened

1 pound Confectioner’s sugar

1 pound brown sugar

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon grated nutmeg

Pinch ground cloves

Pinch of salt

1 quart good quality vanilla ice cream — at room temperature

Put in your freezer until firm or you’re ready to use. To make a mug:

Place 1.5 ounces good quality dark rum (Amanda’s note: we used The Kraken Black Spiced Rum) in your mug along with two generous tablespoons of the mix– or more if you have a big mug. Fill the mug with boiling water. Top with a little fresh grated nutmeg– just a little.



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