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Super Brief Friday: Memes

Memes (is it pronounced meem or may-may? Tomato or tomatoe?) have been exploding lately. I’m not sure what the cause is: bored college students, bored people at work, bored children at daycare … in any case, boredom seems to be an accomplice to genius when memes are created. Along with lots and lots of sarcasm. In a nutshell: the perfect time-waster!

To celebrate this culturally relevant trend and Valentine’s Day at the same time, Jerod emailed me a file folder stuffed full of memes he created at, then sent me a text that said, “Hey girl. Check your email.” (According to Jerod, Ryan Gosling got “hey girl” from him.) Ryan Gosling, crying girl, crying stormtrooper … all there. As a female geek, I have to say that memes make a great gift, so I was ecstatic.

To see all Jerod’s awesome Valentine’s Day memes, click over to this Google+ photo album!



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