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Former Perala’s stylists form Tryst Hair Co.

~ originally published in the Journal of Business on Feb. 16, 2012 ~

A group of hair stylists who previously worked at Perala’s Hair Design has opened a new salon, Tryst Hair Co., in a 2,200-square-foot space in Schade Towers, at 528 E. Spokane Falls Blvd.

That space formerly housed Perala’s Hair Design, but that salon moved in January to a new location in Spokane Valley. After it moved, Tryst Hair Co. opened, stylist Patti Usselman says.

“(Some) of the current stylists who were renting from Perala’s got together and decided we wanted to stay at our current location … We contacted the building management to see if the lease was available, and of course they said it was,” Usselman says.

Nine stylists were involved in the creation of the salon: Usselman, Tera Bailey, Jessica Wiswell, Tracey Crist, Tina McGovern, Desiree Tibbs, Heidi Harvison, Juan Serquinia, and Brooke MacDonald. A receptionist also is employed at Tryst.

The group of stylists decided to stay behind and open their own salon because they preferred the location near downtown and they had an established clientele, Wiswell says.

“When we decided to stay, it was basically because of the clients (and our) group is cohesive,” she says.

Each stylist rents a station within Tryst, and the salon offers haircuts, perms, hair styling, and waxing services.



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