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Sean Connery reps Sweet & Stout

My car, Sean Connery (aptly named because he’s gray and old, but still handsome) is a vehicle of few bodily adornments. Since I bought him last June, he’s sported a Liberty University Alumni sticker on his back windshield. Sean is a classy squire, and doesn’t allow just anything to be slapped onto his exterior.

That’s what makes his most recent body art so special. A co-worker of mine, Jackie, and her fiance, Dylan, are jump-starting their beer cupcake business, Sweet and Stout, and recently help a kick-off party at Brews on Washington. I’m really excited about this business, not just because the product is ah-flipping-mazing, but also because they are providing 200 cupcakes for Jerod’s and my wedding next June.

Because we supported Sweet and Stout’s KickStarter campaign, Jackie and Dylan gave us a bunch of cool swag, including a bumper sticker of Sweet and Stout’s logo. I’ve kind of fallen in love with the combination of fonts they used for the logo, so I got really excited when I added the sticker to Sean Connery’s back windshield. Hopefully more people will catch on and do this, too, so Sweet and Stout can continue to grow and satiate Spokane’s taste buds.

If you haven’t tried a Sweet and Stout cupcake yet, get a move on over to Brews on Washington and ask them about their coffee/cupcake or draft beer/cupcake pairing specials. You’ll thank me.

Sean Connery with his new body art



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