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Minds-i Inc. releases new rover kit

~ originally published in the Journal of Business on Oct. 6, 2011 ~

Minds-i Inc., a toy construction system company in Liberty Lake, has added a two-in-one Super Rover Kit to its product inventory.

The kit contains parts to build a 4×4 Super Crawler or a 6×6 Rover Chassis, says a Minds-i press release. The miniature vehicles are designed for use in all-terrain, autonomous unmanned vehicle competitions.

“AUV competitions, such as Robo-Magellan, are the most exciting and relevant, because of their outdoor all-terrain unpredictable nature, which is a lot like reality,” Minds-i co-founder Mike Marzetta says.

In contrast, he says, many of today’s more popular robot competitions take place on tabletops and gymnasium floors.

“I have never seen a photo on the surface of Mars with a flat paved surface waiting patiently for NASA to explore,” Marzetta says.

Minds-i, which is located at 22819 E. Appleway and employs three people, specifically designs its products for outdoor use, Marzetta says. The Super Rover Kit includes space in the chassis to include micro-controllers, sensors, and cameras needed for competition.



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