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Eat Local – Brews on Washington personal review

Since I’ve started working at the Journal of Business, I’ve become more aware of how challenging it is to start a business, especially in the food service industry in Spokane. Everyone has such great ideas, but the turnover for these types of businesses is pretty high. Everyone who goes into this industry does so with gusto and a vision, and at the end of the day, only the hardy and savvy come out on top.

Because of this challenge for local businesses, I’ve decided to help them out by eating and drinking  only at local establishments. This includes the brand-spanking new Brews on Washington. I wrote a short article about this eatery/drinkery for the Journal of Business (get all the details here), but I wasn’t able to interject my personal opinion. And believe me — I have a personal opinion.

Brews on Washington is in downtown Spokane, just a few blocks shy of Riverfront Park. It’s not a huge establishment, but that’s part of its appeal. The atmosphere whispers ‘coffee shop’ while a friendly employee puts a mug of beer in front of you. The noisy pub stereotype is shattered  here; this is the anti-bar, in a totally good way.

Brews offers a ton of perks: free Wi-Fi, happy hour, late nights, Trivia Thursdays, Live Music Mondays, and Ladies’ Night Wednesdays. Bottomless popcorn refills come from the carnival-style popcorn maker across from the bar. Comfy couches crowd the fun little nook next to the entrance, and bar and table seating is available, too. And food? Oh, they have food. Check out Brews’ menu and rotating tap selection here and here.

I keep going back because I like hanging out someplace where I feel welcome. In the two months that it’s been open, Brews has established itself as a How I Met Your Mother-esque establishment: somewhere a group of friends can hang out, have a drink, and enjoy good conversation. That’s not an easy feat, but with an unbeatable combination of great service, good eats and better drinks, Brews on Washington is here to stay.



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