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Twitter and cliques

My Twitter account has undergone a few changes in the past couple days. I’m pretty excited about my new impending last name, so my Twitter moniker is now @futuremrsjarvis. I also found a really cool background of a wheat field on a sunny day at Tweety Got Back that made me pretty happy. If you have a minute and/or have any interest at all in the stream-of-consciousness version of this blog, check it out!

The reason I bring up Twitter (besides the fact that I’m a HUGE social media/networking nerd) is because really cool things and people live there. One of those people (Liberty friend and classmate @EEwing390) tagged me in a post that absolutely made my day (BECAUSE of the fact that I’m a huge social media/networking nerd).

You know those cliques we used to belong to in high school? The ones that will have no impact on the rest of your life (besides emotional scarring), but seem like a massive deal at the time? That’s what this chart made me think of. The only difference being these superlatives probably won’t change much in the future.

Click on the picture to make it bigger. View the original post here.

Enjoy, nerds! 🙂



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