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Things he says

Disclaimer: Semi-sappy post about my boyfriend ahead. I wouldn’t blame you if you turned back now. If you choose to continue onward, you’ve been duly warned.

As a long-distance couple, Jerod and I talk. A lot. On Skype, on the phone, via Facebook comments … we are constantly communicating. Whether we make sense all the time is a different story. But there are moments — the ones that can pass you by in an instant if you’re not alert — where his wisdom, his sense of humor, his patience, just blow my mind. The things he says in those little moments make me step back and wonder how I got so lucky.

It can be severely difficult to articulate myself when Jerod and I are apart for months at a time. We don’t get the distinct privilege of going on dates in the same time zone (much less the same city), watching movies or going to church together. A lesser man would have walked away years ago, looking for the less complicated catch. But Jerod has stayed, and he always seems to have the words to say when I’m at my lowest, my highest, or just sailing on the average.

(said after listening to me worry about the future) “We’re always moving forward. We’re moving at the speed of love, baby girl. Crazy ride, but I like where it’s taking us.”

“Amanda Baker. Please hear what I’m saying and not what you’re fearing.”

“I really do have good taste in women.”  (me) “You have more than one?”  *pause*  “I have good taste in WOMAN.”

“I believe that when we’re at our best, there isn’t another couple in the world that can do more for God’s kingdom than we can.”

“The fact that you’re helping me make Twilight look ridiculous makes me want to hug you.”

“It’s no easy task learning to take care of a Baker woman. They are precious and complicated, requiring more study and trepidation than mysterious alien weaponry that might go off at any second.”

“I love you more than cheese, I love you more than keys, I love you in a box, I love you more than clocks, I love you more than pizza, even more than Condaleeza.”

I’m so excited to see where the Lord is going to take us in the future, and I’m so blessed to have Jerod in my life. Soli deo gloria for all He, the eternal King, has done to us and through us.



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