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Taxed Enough Already

~ originally posted on Boundless Line on April 15, 2010 ~

This April 15 marks two major events in American culture: the 149th anniversary of Tax Day (make sure your taxes were postmarked today, folks) and the first anniversary of the Tea Party movement. A year ago this week, disgruntled Americans rallied together to show their government that they were “taxed enough already,” in the spirit of the original Boston tea partiers in 1773.

I had the opportunity to attend the local Colorado Springs tea party today, which was held in nearby El Paso County in a downtown park. Three of my friends and I showed up for the tail end of the rally, and even though it was past most people’s lunch hour, at least 500 supporters had stuck around to listen to local conservative politicians and pundits call for action against the current administration’s decisions.

I had never exercised my Constitutional right to protest before today (on a national level, at least), so it was interesting to be involved in a movement that has caught media and international attention during the past year. The gathering in El Paso County was very civil, and a common trend that I noticed was that the protesters chose to use their picket signs rather than their words to express their frustration. Some signs were humorous: “If you can read this sign, you’re a birther!” and some were more thought-provoking: “King George III didn’t listen either.”

What do you think about the modern-day tea party movement? Do you feel like it is a futile attempt at getting our government’s attention, or do you think it’s an effective tool toward federal reform?



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