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Bumping up the abortion debate

~ originally posted on Boundless Line on February 16, 2010 ~

Imagine being single and staring at a little pink plus sign on a pregnancy test in your bathroom on a Saturday afternoon. You’re just … numb. And you wonder what you’re going to do this time. You’ve already had three abortions and your excuse to your OBGYN is that you “get pregnant really easily.”

But maybe things will turn out differently. Maybe you’ll consider carrying to term and keeping your baby or putting her up for adoption. Options you never considered before are suddenly on the table because you’ve decided to put yourself and your baby up for virtual “auction” on an original Internet series and let the show’s viewers decide whether or not you should have an abortion.

Weird, huh? But this exact scenario is being broadcast on a new web series called BUMP+, which debuted a few weeks ago on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

BUMP+ follows the fictitious stories of three women who are facing unintended pregnancies (for clarity, none of the women are pregnant in real life). The show is filmed in the mockumentary style that fans of “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation” will recognize.

The show’s creators explained why they felt the need to create a web series that centered around the abortion debate:

BUMP+ The Experiment is an attempt to determine whether story can succeed where nearly four decades of angry rhetoric and political posturing have failed.

Inspired by President Obama’s call to people on both sides of the abortion debate to open the lines of communication and find workable solutions to the problem of unintended pregnancies, Yellow Line Studio is starting that conversation inside the safety zone of a fictional world based on real life situations.

Is our society willing to give it a try? How authentic are these characters? And how serious are we about an open, honest exploration of this controversial topic?

You tell us. Please. We can’t predict how it will end because we’re waiting for your input to finish the upcoming episodes. That’s right – their choice is up to you.

My first reaction to this series was to huff and puff around the Boundless office and grumble about how sick and depraved this idea is. And while I still hold to the view that entertainment like this deserves no air time, I have to admit that the creators have a point: why not open up discussion about this issue outside the ballot box?

I have been reading “Roaring Lambs” by Bob Briner recently, and his biggest challenge to his readers is to impact the world for Christ, no matter what profession they hold. The worst thing Christians can do, he says, is complain about negative content and sit idle, instead of being active and creating something positive to counter the negative.

With this attitude, I think that we who hold a pro-life stance can use this web series as a platform to advocate for unborn lives. The creators of BUMP+ want their viewers to actively discuss their beliefs … so let’s give them some discussion. If you believe that life begins at conception, post it! According to the statement above, the characters’ decisions will be influenced by the comments of viewers. The fictitious stories do not have to end in tragedy if we take a stand for life.

Instead of sitting back and complaining about the trash that the Internet is putting out today, let’s try to influence our culture to the glory of God. We are called to be in the world but not of it, and this is a relevant, timely way in which to do so.

~ no holds barred ~



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