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Remembering Meagan


April 1st. Generally known by citizens of the world as April Fool’s Day, it gives the opportunity for people to play pranks on each other and get away with it more than usual.

I don’t celebrate April Fool’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to think up and carry out pranks like the next kid. However, the April 1st in 2007 changed everything for me.

That’s when my mentor died of gallbladder cancer.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008, marked the first year anniversary of Meagan‘s homegoing. After I went to all my classes like a good student should, I walked back to my dorm room with the intention of having some alone time. After shedding my book bag and coat, I sat down at my desk and popped my copy of the memorial service slideshow into the disk drive of my computer. Picture after picture of my heroine scrolled across the screen, and as each one passed my eyes filled with tears, which eventually overflowed when the last picture filled the screen and “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe played in the background. The picture was of Meagan, her husband, and her 5 sons: Jerod, Nathan, Jordan, Caleb, and Seth.

My tears continued for a little while after the slideshow ended, but in the midst of my grief, I began to embrace a concept that I’d been fighting for the past year: even though I was grieved that the Lord took Meagan home, I was grateful that His timing was perfect. He chose to wait to take her home until I was able to come home during spring break to see her one last time. He chose to take her home at just the right moment so that she would never have to hurt again. She is now in heaven with Him, with a new body, dancing with the angels and singing to the Lord she loved so much here on this earth.

Tears will still fall every April 1st. But instead of celebrating April Fool’s Day, I choose to celebrate something entirely more important.

Meagan’s life.

~ no holds barred ~

For Jerod’s perspective on April Fool’s Day, click here.



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