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Jack and Me

Like seemingly every woman (and the occasional man) who watched the movie “Marley and Me,” I cried. I guess that qualifies me as a sap, a crybaby, and an overall hormonal woman, but whatev. You’d cry, too. Don’t lie.

ANYways, now that I got that out in the open, I had some thoughts I figured I’d share while I’m still riding the emotional tidal wave that Marley provoked upon me.

I didn’t have a dog until my senior year in high school. I was promised one when I was eight, but somehow that fell through, and the subject was rebuffed until my parents broke down upon visiting a new litter of golden retriever puppies. They brought home the least rambunctious male (or so they thought) of the litter in November 2005, and my four siblings and I named him Jack O’ Riley.

Jack was, and still is, the epitome of a “bad” dog. He chewed through drywall, dug major holes in the backyard, and made puppy love to everything until we got him, um, fixed. When I was home for Christmas break this year, I kept finding mysterious holes in some of my shirts. I guess Jack really likes my laundry. He demonstrated this once by prancing into the middle of a Guitar Hero session with one of my bras dangling from his mouth. He, of course, found it quite hilarious.

Jack is scared of hairdryers and the hose sprayer. He won’t fully immerse himself in water, and when he wants attention (which is always) he will push his head into your hand, because obviously, if it’s not doing anything, it needs to be petting him. He rolls in the grass as soon as he can after taking a bath. We can’t take him anywhere without a leash because it is more than likely that he won’t come back. He is definitely a bit ADHD, and he playfully growls really loud for no reason sometimes.

We love Jack, though. He is almost four years old now, so he’s calmed down quite a bit (not as much as we’d like, but still), and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Watching Marley and Me kind of completed the story. It was like watching Jack get older and older and finally having to be put down in the vet’s office (sorry for the spoiler). In one particular scene, one of the little boys in Marley’s family pops in an old VCR tape of him as a baby and Marley bouncing all over, causing trouble as usual. This made me realize (as I cried) that animals have such an integral part in our lives. We don’t realize it, but they really do shape who we are.

The other reason this movie hit so close to home is because the two main characters (played very effectively by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) were reporters for major newspapers in Florida. In this phase of my life, that is what I see myself doing in the future: reporting and writing for a print media company. I also want to be married and looking forward to starting a family, just like Wilson and Aniston’s characters were. Things may change, but seeing my some of my dreams played out on the big screen was … wow. Pretty cool.

I know I’m breaking the journalist’s creed by watching the movie before reading the book, but the movie was so stellar that I am going to be obtaining a copy from Amazon in the extremely near future.

Marley and Me is an excellent pick for anyone starved for a good rainy day flick. Find the dog lover inside you and curl up with your significant other … Marley will take you for a ride you won’t soon forget.

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