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He’ll stay … and ease my loneliness

This is the last day before spring break is officially over. Even though I slept a lot at my grandparents’ house (and had a blast, too), I still feel a little drained. Loneliness has been plaguing me … living across the country from my family and close friends takes its toll after a while. I have awesome friends here at school, but Daughtry resonates with me when he sings about going home “to the place where I belong.”

Within this loneliness, however, God has shown me that he is always here with me, no matter my mood or my work ethic or … anything. He knows me personally, more deeply than I know myself, and He has no intention of leaving me. I have gotten into the habit of thinking that God will drop me (like so many “friends” have before) whenever I’m not what He expects. But He doesn’t. He’s always right next to me, holding my hand and encouraging me forward.

I was listening to my iTunes on shuffle while I was attempting to get some homework done, and the song “I’ll Stay” by Cadia popped up. I had never actually listened to the words before, but for some reason the lyrics stuck out more than usual.

Have you ever been moved so much by something that you don’t know how to express it?

That’s how I felt when I heard this song. It is basically a conversation between God and someone who is feeling lonely. God is reassuring that individual that, whatever it takes, He will always be there.

I’m posting the lyrics below. Meditate on them, and let them spur you to pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord. If you don’t know Him, I would encourage you to find out more. He is everything to me … let Him be that for you.

I’ll Stay
You’re movin’ faster than an outbound train
Tryin’ to find a way to outrun pain
And every time you start to come undone
You always start to run
My heart is breaking for you, I admit
It’s hard to watch you fall apart like this
And I can’t begin to know your sorrow
I have not walked far inside your shoes
And I wish you would let me
Love you through thisCause I’ll stay with you (even in your darkest night)
Wait with you (for a little sign of light)
Cry with you (if the answers never come)
I’ll be the one who
Hopes with you (there will be a better day)
So hold onto (every little piece of faith)
As long as it takes, I’ll stay

And if He sees a sparrow fall or fly
Watches the lilies open to the sky
Then how much more does He love you and I
Sometimes it’s hard to just believe it’s true
But if you can’t, I will stand believing for you


Let me be still and quiet
Let me be Love’s reminder
Let me be the one who’s meant to
Be the arms that Jesus sent you…


Words and Music by Clint Lagerberg, Nichole Nordeman

Behind the Song:
“It’s so easy to try and avoid the painful things in life. Yet, it’s comforting to be assured that God is with us, even in our most difficult times. He is always there to listen, give us advice, anything! Often, we are quick to think that we’re all alone, or that no one understands our situation. But that is not true! We must put our faith in Him, as He will never let us down.” ~ Cadia

(thanks to for the lyrics and information)

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