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Nos stoops too low

It seems to me that everything is being sold through the medium of sexuality these days. Sporty cars have scantily clad women draped across them as if they are the free prize that comes with the keys, and commercials for shower gel (like Axe) are now nothing more than soft-core pornography.

And, seeing this success, Nos has decided it wants a piece of the pie, too.

Nos is an energy drink that appeals primarily to the car racing demographic because of it’s tongue-in-cheek reference to Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS), a component that makes cars go faster and has been banned by professional car racing associations, such as NASCAR, because of the unfair advantage it gives to racers. I call it the steroid of automobiles.

Nos is phenomenal, and I am addicted to not only the taste (flavor options currently include sugar free, regular, grape and fruit punch) and the caffeine, but also to the way it is packaged. The bottles and cans mimic the exact design of the real NOS canisters, which makes it attractive to a customer who is familiar with racing. However, this just wasn’t enough for the makers of this amazing drink. They just had to take it to the next level.

Car racing has always had its share of women wearing short shorts and low-cut, tight-fitting shirts. This is almost a norm in the racing demographic. However, Nos has decided to use that element to its advantage, and holds an annual contest on its website that asks visitors and fans of Nos to find the next ‘Naughty Nos Girls.’ Two winners are picked every year, and they then become the poster girls for the energy drink. But it seems to me that the only reason that they are picked for the ‘honor’ is because they have the biggest chests, steamiest outfits, sexiest looks and the longest legs. This frustrates me, because I don’t think Nos, which is already a successful energy drink, should have to use this tactic.

Nos is on my list of Top Five energy drinks of all time, but their advertising doesn’t make the cut. I wish that the makers of Nos would realize that they have a good product that can sell itself. They don’t need to employ half-naked girls to do the advertising for them.

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