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Twilight movie review

So…I’m finally getting around to my Twilight movie review. *pats self on the back*

I saw Twilight when it opened at midnight on November 21 (we had to drive all the way to Roanoke because Lynchburg is lame and didn’t have a midnight showing), and then I took my sisters to see it when I got home for Christmas break. My experience, combined with other reviews and hordes of Facebook bumper stickers dedicated to the film, will contribute to this review.

Twilight was…low budget. The grand total for the making of the film came to $37 million, which explains the sometimes corny effects, including Edward’s ‘sparkly’ skin (it looked like wet plastic wrap) and his ability to jump through trees at high speeds (Zaboomafoo, anyone?). However, it currently stands as #3 in the box office, so something must have been good about it. But what, exactly?

I think the movie did so well because the fans of Twilight are extremely loyal. It wasn’t that we were expecting it to be made in an amazing fashion; from the previews, I could tell it was going to be over the top and a little cheesy. But if you read the book before seeing the movie, you could fill in the blanks and put it under your favorite movies on Facebook.

As with all movies, there were pros and cons. Let’s cover the cons first, since I’m a pessimist like that. 🙂

Con #1: Edward couldn’t seem to make his eyes focus on anything. As intriguing as his character was, I think that he could have tried to be a little less intense.
I could really say the same thing about the rest of the Cullen family. They were awesome, but they were a tad overdramatic. I guess I would be, too, if I were part of the undead, but let’s make it a little more realistic, shall we?

Con #2: Victoria’s hair needed to be more red. Enough said.

Con #3: Anyone remember Edward and Bella’s relationship in the book? They always had some sort of witty banter going on, and they actually had light-hearted moments. In the movie, however, their relationship was completely void of this aspect. They were super intense all the time (see Con #1), and this left for hardly any comic relief.

Con #4: Special effects. *moment of silence for what could have been*

Now moving on to the pros…

Pro #1: The chemistry between Edward and Bella was PERFECT. Their forbidden love story on screen pulled me in almost as much as it did in the book. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were the perfect choices for the roles.

Pro #2: The scenery was fantastic. Granted, the Inland Northwest doesn’t need much help to be gorgeous, but the shots of the mountains and lakes around “Forks” (it was actually shot in Oregon) were amazing.

Pro #3: For a low-budget movie, the way the film was shot and put together was pretty decent. It was thought through very well, and you could tell that the way it was made was done very precisely.

Pro #4: THE FIGHT SCENE. The showdown between Edward and James was phenomenal. I think I held my breath until it was over.

Well…there you go. The Twilight review that you probably forgot about until now because it’s taken me so long to write it. 🙂 Keep checking back for more reviews, though! 🙂
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