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Is it just me…

… or are some people just not all they’re cracked up to be?

At the risk of sounding conceited, let me expound. I’ve met some super awesome people here at college, but others I don’t really connect with all that well. This has seemed to be a reoccurring trend with a specific group of people called “the brother dorm.” 

Every year, my dorm is assigned a new brother dorm, with the intent to hang out and make friends with the opposite gender. Some people take it to the next level and use their sibling dormers as objects of intense flirtation, sometimes leading to an intense 2-week relationship that ends in hurt feelings and the knowledge that they still have to be “brother/sister” for the rest of the year. This, obviously, results in awkwardness. But let this be a side note to my original point.

For some reason, in all of my three years at LU, I have never had a connection with my “official” brother dorm — the ones that we are forced by hall leadership to bond with the first month or so of the year — and it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve tried to get to know the guys in my brother dorms, past and present, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not that interesting. Maybe it’s because, when I do meet brother dormers, I am always with more attractive single females. I think I’m mentally written off the “get-to-know” list as soon as they see me wearing my favorite pair of sweatpants and they find out that I have a boyfriend of six years. That whole “taken” thing doesn’t really attract the guy who is deluded by the “ring by spring” mentality and needs to hit on as many single women as possible to find “the one.”

(I’m really wracking up the quotation marks, aren’t I?)

It’s weird … I’ve maybe connected with one guy from a brother dorm in three years. I haven’t been impressed by the other 149 that have crossed my path. But for some reason, all my friends think that the bro dormers are the best thing since Chick-fil-A. I haven’t been impressed. Maybe it’s just me being picky, but what is it that they see, exactly? Am I missing something? Or is it just a flirtation thing? 

Maybe I’m just not attractive enough to know the answer. 
[DISCLAIMER: This was not written to attack any particular person. It is just a general observation that I have made about bro/sis dorm arrangements]
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3 thoughts on “Is it just me…

  1. So that doesn’t just happen at my college….
    I know what you mean. We have bro/sis floors within the dorms, and I never really connected. I have a couple good guy friends from my brother floor freshman year, but I got to know them outside of the bro/sis context, so….yep.
    And I second Erixis Blade’s comment!

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